I am not just a painter but also a teacher. When I was young I looked for a school who could teach me to paint the classical way and so I discovered SARA, the school I also learned how to become a teacher.

What I like teaching is the fundamentals of art. It is fun and all to paint with oils but it can be frustrating when you don’t know how to do it properly because your skills in drawing is that of an amateur. I had my very first private student from Chile, Rodrigo. Somehow we also became friends. He wanted to paint but he shifted when I started explaining to him why he must go back to the fundamentals.
It is not just words… I work with you. I pick up the pen and I draw with you. For me that is very important. I am not shy to work on my own projects with others next to me since I also do livestreams on Youtube.

If you think you have what it takes to join me on this hard yet fantastic adventure contact me on my contact page. I know what it means to work a Monday to Friday job and wanting to do something that you TRULY feel passionate about. My prices are quite reasonable and I try my best to give you all I have. If you come from abroad just come here. I have everything we need.

Wish you the best!… To who ever you are.